White Lines

Mystery drama for Netflix

Client:Left Bank Pictures

Date:May 2020

Services:TFCC was asked to provide visual effects for the 10-part Netflix series. We completed a vast range of VFX for the show resulting in a huge total shot count.



An epic new series from the creator on Money Heist, Alex Pina, that unveils the death of a legendary DJ who mysteriously went missing in Ibiza. Laura Haddock plays Zoe Walker, the sister of the DJ, who returns to Ibiza determined to uncover the truth of her brother’s disappearance. Whilst she is there she is faced with her own troubles and forced to confront the darker side of her character in a tale of death, drugs and deceit.


The shots ranged from green screen replacements, including Laura’s epic car chase, to cosmetic enhancements such as removing Axel’s missing tooth and designing tattoos. Other work included adding cocaine to a dog’s nose, blood to water and comping stars in the sky. We also completed various clean up work, screen replacements and environment extensions and enhancements.