Churchill’s Secret

1x120-min Daybreak Pictures/Masterpiece co-production for ITV

Client:Daybreak Pictures

Date:February 2016

Services:Provided all of the visual effects for the 1×120-min Daybreak Pictures/Masterpiece co-production for ITV.


Set during the summer months of 1953, Winston Churchill – now Prime Minister for the second time and in his late 70s – suffers a life-threatening stroke, which is kept secret from the world. Told from the viewpoint of his young Nurse, Millie Appleyard, the drama follows his battle to recover.


Executive producer Hal Vogel, director Charles Sturridge, producer Tim Bricknell and post supervisor Mark Harris asked for work that would fit seamlessly into the film and be sympathetic to the story. Work included set extensions, crowd replication and removal of modern day elements. Key scenes included VFX on the Conservative and Social party conference, Whitehall, Churchill’s Study and also flashback sequences as well as the backgrounds for the title sequence.

TFCC also provided location recces and on-set VFX Supervision.

Managing director Simon Wilkinson said: “It was a brilliant project to work on, with a brilliant production team and we also learnt a lot more about Winston Churchill’s remarkable life and achievements.”