The Midwich Cuckoos


Date:Summer 2022

Services:Flying Colour Co. was asked to implement VFX magic to aid the supernatural elements of the story as well as set extensions and explosions. With so many young child actors involved, there was also the occasional request to correct fidgeting and other little character breaks!


Events unfold in Midwich, a small English commuter town that is liberal and aspirational. It has an affluent high street. A place where nothing much happens – and for a very good reason.
The series brings new light to the bestselling hit novel by sci-fi author John Wyndham, previously adapted into the film ‘Village of the Damned’.


Sky replacement and weather ailments were comped in to create an eerie supernatural atmosphere. Flying Colour Co. provided LookDev for the eyes creating glowing effects that denote the children’s powers. These had to be specially tailored to each child’s individual movements and manipulated to integrate with the various different environments. These glowing eyes comprised of 117 shots in total. Flying Colour Co. also manufactured their powers, adding light flares, glitches and white noise.