This Town


Date:March 2024

Services:VFX services in the entire six-part series, including on-set supervision.


An extended family and four young people are drawn into the music scene which exploded from the grassroots of Coventry and Birmingham in the late 1970s and early 1980s, uniting black, white and Asian youths.


We're thrilled to announce our involvement in the new BBC One series, "This Town" created by Steven Knight and directed by Paul Whittington. Our team at The Flying Colour Company played a significant role in the entire six-part series, including on-set supervision.

A major aspect of our work was reviving the Ska music era, restoring historical elements of 1980s-1990s Birmingham, including buildings, cars, and graffiti to capture the essence of that time.
Our 3D team modelled stunning scenes, such as an epic molotov cocktail that included a glass bottle, smoke, flaming rack, and a background. Another fully CG scene is the scene with the bridge setting with authentic period details like the highway, cars that were at that time, and the environment.

Furthermore, we meticulously painted digital maps of Holyhead Harbour, enhancing the scene with shipping containers, cranes, and an island.

Other contributions included adding fight scenes seamlessly to the background, incorporating effects like muzzle flashes, blood splatters, bullet wounds, and enhancing various visual elements like TV screens and bird animations.

Get ready to step back in time with "This Town" as we use our visual effects magic to bring the vibrant Ska era to life.