Gangsta Granny Strikes Again!

Client:BBC, King Bert Productions

Date:December 2022

Services:Flying Colour Co. completed all the VFX work for this highly anticipated sequel. We also contributed onset VFX supervision.


Ben is getting used to life without his beloved granny. She was a cabbage enthusiast, a Scrabble partner… and an international jewel thief known as The Black Cat. Now, only the memory of their extraordinary adventure to steal the Crown Jewels lives on. Then something inexplicable happens.


TFCC worked with green screens, comping in iconic London landmarks and using CG to pull off various weird and wonderful stunts including a hang-glider and flying hat!

Director Nick Leadbitter said:
"Working with the Flying Colour team was an extremely rewarding experience. Our programme went through a number of changes to our VFX needs during prep and the FCC team responded to each one without an issue. Their work is of such a high standard, unlike anything I’ve experienced with VFX teams previously used and I would very happily work with them again."