Magpie Murders


Date:February 2022

Services:TFCC provided onset vfx supervision through to 3d modelling and 2d compositing for the VFX on this 6-part series, including animal animation and strengthening of historical context.


The plot of Magpie Murders revolves around editor Susan Ryeland (Lesley Manville) who's given a unfinished manuscript by best-selling crime author Alan Conway. She's aghast that it seems to be missing the last chapter!
A Whodunit without an ending?
A fatal accident, a gruesome murder, a drowning, a questionable suicide, and missing chapters from a manuscript are all connected in Magpie Murders, brought to life by original novelist Anthony Horowitz. This murder story within a murder story rejuvenates the murder mystery genre, and 'In a grey TV landscape crammed with humdrum whodunits, Magpie Murders is a splash of vivid colour.’ – Telegraph


Following our green screen shoot we manipulated and animated the Magpies and placed them in full flight into many shots. We also provided building extensions; these include a 3d tower to the main residence and a Church. Other work included environment changes to landscapes and various period changes from the 1950s to date.