Deep Water

Gripping, emotional thriller for ITV


Date:February, 2020

Services:VFX Supervision, Visual Effects - TFFC was asked to provide various visual effects, part of it was background replacements and the enhancement of a restaurant scene as well as various clean up work.


Set against the beautiful and imposing backdrop of the Lake District, the series is written by BAFTA-nominated Anna Symon (Indian Summers, Mrs Wilson) and adapted from the Windermere series of novels by critically-acclaimed author Paula Daly. The six-part series follows the lives of three complex and vibrant women, each struggling to keep their heads above very deep water. Like all of us, they seek to do their best for their families but face tough choices with difficult, and often messy repercussions. The women are connected by the school gates, each with children around the same age.


For this series, TFCC helped out with a number of scenes by providing onset VFX supervision, most notably for the blue screen replacements for a restaurant scene, also designing GFX and compositing a CCTV security system onto computer screens, and repeating the same to imitate a realistic playback of the video footage.