Peaky Blinders 6


Date:February 2022

Services:Having already provided VFX work for previous seasons, Flying Colour Co. was asked to take on the same role for the sixth and final season, providing all onset vfx recces, supervision as well as creating many assets and completing the new Peaky world and a huge amount of shots, establishing the scenic context of 1920s Birmingham under the rule of the Shelby clan.


Cillian Murphy returns as Tommy Shelby in this final season of the much-loved Birmingham-set gangster drama.
This season promises to be a final reckoning for the Shelby family as Tommy goes up against evil fascist politician Sir Oswald Mosley, in what promises to be a tense showdown.


Environment extensions were used to transform and build Miquelon Island, Boston Prison and the famed Garrison pub, adding appropriate period features and removing modern background elements. Compositing plates implemented face replacements and various other green screen replacements, gore and stunt enhancements were provided as well as muzzle flashes, flames, weather conditions and prosthetic and makeup enhancement throughout.