The Long Shadow

Client:ITV, ITVX

Date:September 2023

Services:The Flying Colour Company provided full-scale VFX services for the whole seven-part series


The series details the five-year manhunt for the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, commonly referred to as The Yorkshire Ripper.


The Flying Colour Company have provided full-scale VFX services for the seven-part ITV series, "The Long Shadow." Our mission was to take the audience back to the 1975-1980s era, for this we did a great clean-up work to remove all of the modern items from the set, ensuring a correct period look.

TFCC’s artists created day cards that seamlessly blended into the scenes, counting the days of the Yorkshire Ripper's hunt. Additionally, our team was responsible for comping period-specific elements such as posters on the walls, Christmas decorations, and newspaper images to match the era's look and content. Adding the final touch, we also did sky replacements, snow and rain to match the scene.