Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories

4x30-min series for Sid Gentle Films and Sky Arts

Client:Sid Gentle Films

Date:August 2016

Services:Completed and delivered various visual effects shots.


The TFCC team, including Andrew Maddison, Jaime Leonard and Simon Wilkinson, produced vfx shots across all four films:

‘Feeders and Eaters’ – embellished gore and added bone to a mauled hand. Composited and animated a breathing live cat with a part devoured model prosthetic cat. Also composited images into old-style tube TV monitors.

‘Looking for the Girl’ – completed transitions in and out of flashbacks and TV monitor inserts.

‘Closing Time’ – provided TV inserts of Neil Gaiman, adding old style transmission artefacts, and composited and enhanced a ghostly face within the woodland playhouse.

‘Foreign Parts’ – completed various paint outs and stabilisation work and blended the body transition scene.

TFCC managing director Simon Wilkinson said: “Having read the scripts we were delighted to be working for production. We met with the directors, DoP and production team ahead of the shoot to discuss key scenes for VFX and it was great to see that the entire team was focussed on creative story telling.”