A Very English Scandal

Three-part drama for BBC and Amazon

Client:Blueprint Television

Date:May 2018

Services:The Flying Colour Company (TFCC) completed all the VFX work for the series. This comprised a total of 212 shots across all the episodes. The shots included 2D composited badgers, scenery enhancement, the removal of modern elements and enhancement of scenery, beauty work, television inserts and environment and green-screen work. TFCC also did conceptual look development for the key sequences. TFCC co-founder Dominic Thomson provided VFX supervision during the shoot and supervised all shots through the facility.


Russell T. Davies brings to life the real story of Jeremy Thorpe, his affair with Norman Scott and the alleged murder plot that shocked the nation and became one of the biggest scandals in the history of British politics.

The three-part drama chronicles the affair during the 1970s, which saw Thorpe rise to leader of the Liberal party and then stand trial for conspiracy to murder his former lover. The funny and sensational drama stars Hugh Grant playing the role of Jeremy Thorpe and Ben Wishaw as Thorpe’s accuser, Norman Scott. The series is based on John Preston’s true-crime non-fiction novel of the same name.

“It is a drama as brutally funny, endlessly clever, justifiably confident as its protagonist; an immaculately-scripted hour that entwines two decades of salient history with a finely worked portrait of the English establishment, shaping and being shaped by a certain kind of man protected by certain privileges and labouring under a particular kind of fear.” – Lucy Mangan, The Guardian.


TFCC worked very closely with the executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins, producer Dan Winch, director Stephen Frears, director of photography Danny Cohen, production designer Helen Scott, line producer Gina Marsh and editor Pia Di Ciaula as well as many others in the post-production team to establish the look for key sequences.

TFCC managing director Simon Wilkinson said: “Our favourite sequence, the one that we had a lot of fun working on, was compositing several badgers into a dining room. For this, we took footage of Toby the badger and embedded him multiple times into the scene.”

All the VFX work was completed using Autodesk Flame by all of the TFCC team.