Liar 2

Murder mystery drama for ITV

Client:Two Brothers Pictures

Date:March, 2020

Services:VFX Supervision, Visual Effects - TFCC was asked to provide all the visual effects for the second series. As well as on-set VFX supervision.



The much-loved psychological thriller returned to ITV for a second series and continued to follow the chase between Andrew and Laura. Very quickly Laura becomes bogged down and tangled up with all the lies surrounding a murder case and soon becomes the prime suspect as the police try to uncover the truth.


We completed a huge range of shots for this series including adding the sea to the yacht shots. We also enhanced the explosion and fire in the boathouse shots. Other work included various clean up shots and location enhancements and screen replacements. A memorable scene in this series involved TFCC adding in a huge amount of mist to create the desired atmosphere in the infamous final chase and fight scene where we also added blood splats and wounds.