Dark Mon£y

Gripping, topical thriller for BBC

Client:The Forge Entertainment

Date:July, 2019

Services:Visual Effects - TFFC was asked to create the airport in Dark Money as well as making the background look more realistic by adding planes that are arriving and departing. Work included sky replacements, screen comps and various work for phone screenshots where graphics were embedded.


From the award-winning creator of Damilola, Our Loved Boy, this gripping four-part drama follows an unsettling narrative all too familiar in the modern news landscape. Equal parts chilling and enlightening, we follow the Mensah family as they are helplessly torn between their financial needs and parental responsibility in the wake of the appalling abuse of their 11-year-old son, Isaac, during an acting experience in LA. Inspired by unearthed horror stories of child stardom in Hollywood, the relatable struggles faced by contemporary working families are poignantly depicted, as well as the fearful reality of battling the world’s most powerful figures.


TFCC worked on numerous shots including the creation of realistic airport signage, background adjustments such as plane take-offs and sky compositing, as well as video playback on a blank phone screen incorporating the various GFX features.