Killing Eve 2

Action-packed thriller for BBC

Client:Sid Gentle Films

Date:June 2019

Services:Having worked on the first series, TFCC was invited to work our magic for series two, working across all the episodes implementing visual effects and providing on-set supervision.


Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer reprise their critically-acclaimed performances as Eve (Oh), an MI6 operative, and psychopath assassin Villanelle (Comer) in this story of two women, bound by a mutual obsession and one brutal act. Killing Eve 2 picks up exactly 36 heart-thumping seconds after the events of the season finale of series 1 and is packed with superlative performances and is as “twisty, subversive, darkly funny, nerve-wracking and pleasurable as our fans could desire.”


TFCC completed more than 215 shots for the show including numerous injury enhancements, throat-slitting, disembowelment, axing, shootings and various stabbings. Work also included various background replacements and augmenting locations as well as multiple clean-up shots.