Extraordinary S2

Client:Disney+ and Hulu

Date:March 2024

Services:We provided VFX for the full series, as well as supervision services on set.


Season 2 picks up after the events of the Season 1 finale, with Jen enrolling at the power clinic to discover her abilities. Meanwhile, Jizzlord's past comes to light, and Kash and Carrie navigate life post-breakup. Expect new challenges and surprises as the characters face adulthood and unforeseen circumstances.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAy-ueXicYE


Dominic, the Creative Director, and Fabio, the Head of VFX, supervised on-set filming and conducted additional shoots on the green screen. Our VFX team crafted a myriad of effects, including gigantic food, emotional waves from Ian's fingers, Jezzlord's cat transformations, a tipsy witch, invisible Gavin, electric sparks for the therapist, shrinking characters, floating iPads, chameleon superpowers, Cash's time manipulation, floating hearts, emotional clouds, smoke vanishing acts, time acceleration abilities, graffiti fingers, blood flying effects, and glitching characters.

We are very proud to be a part of this extraordinary show!