The Sixth Commandment: A Thrilling Series with VFX by The Flying Colour Company!

Exciting Announcement: The wait is finally over! On July 17th, the BBC will release The Sixth Commandment, a thrilling four-part series that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. 

We are delighted to share that The Flying Colour Company has helped in bringing this series to life by providing full-scale VFX services for The Sixth Commandment. Now, let’s dive into what the series is all about.

According to the BBC’s synopsis, The Sixth Commandment “tells the story of how the meeting of an inspirational teacher, Peter Farquhar, and a charismatic student, Ben Field, set the stage for one of the most complex and confounding criminal cases in recent memory”

Farquhar, a lecturer in his late 60s, met Field when he was working at Buckingham University in 2011. Field would go on to manipulate Farquhar into believing that he had fallen in love with him, trying to persuade the academic to change his will, making the student the main beneficiary.

Farquhar died in 2015, and when Field was tried for his murder in 2019, the prosecution said that the younger man had been secretly giving him drugs and spiking his drinks, in an apparent bid to make his death appear to be accidental or suicide.

Combining intense suspense, plot twists and TFCC’s exceptional VFX work, The Sixth Commandment promises to be an unforgettable viewing experience. So mark your calendars to see the series premiere on July 17th. 

If you would like to find out more about The Sixth Commandment, head over to BBC’s article: