Knock Knock! Who’s there? 44 – 45 Carnaby Street. Who? Flying Colour Co.

About The Flying Colour Company

The Flying Colour Co. is growing and has acquired a second building on Carnaby Street, comprising of eight floors.

Our 3D department has substantially expanded and will find its new home in 44, just across the street from Flying Colour Co’s Headquarters at 42 – 43 Carnaby Street.

We are very happy to announce that Cenay Oekmen will be leading the 3D department. With 30+ years’ experience in VFX, Cenay is the perfect fit to shape the 3D team. Welcome Cenay!

Within the new building you will also find a brand new screening theatre, extended data facilities, 2D compositing team and a total of 32 additional 2D/3D VFX seats. Both buildings are connected via a huge dark fibre link.

Bring on the next chapter for Flying Colour Co.