Behind the Scenes of ‘Fifteen Love’ with The Flying Colour Company

The Flying Colour Company proudly contributed to the latest Amazon Prime show – “Fifteen Love,” with the director Toby McDonald bringing light on the behind-the-scenes challenges. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Express, Toby revealed the disparities between real court locations and the post-production magic, stating:

“So those are big treks for our production to do and even when we were there, obviously they don’t look like the thing they’ve got to look like.”

TFCC played a big role in overcoming this hurdle by creating 3D stadiums that seamlessly transformed real-life courts. We shot actual tennis players playing on several grass courts in the UK. The tennis court elements were then composited into the 3D stadiums that we built entirely with our highly creative 3D department. The crowd, in some instances, was created in replication, but it was mostly created by our 3D team. While the stadiums were computer-generated, great attention to detail was applied to ensure correct textures, shadows, and lighting, resulting in a photorealistic shot. 

As Toby mentioned:

“Huge amounts of conversations with the really brilliant CGI company, the effects company, and all the co-ordination that our advisors had done, underscored the intricate collaboration that brought the show to life.”

We feel very proud to have been a part of this production and hope our visual effects will help audiences immerse themselves in the world that was created for ‘Fifteen Love.’ 

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