The English promises a wild ride

October 15th saw The English receiving its debut screening at the prestigious BFI London Film Festival. Sold out for months, the highly anticipated premiere saw Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer for the first time in their roles as Cornelia Locke and Pawnee scout Eli Whipp, an unlikely companion who aids her on her journey.

Critic reports from this preliminary showing were praising, with The Telegraph calling Blick’s drama ‘excitingly ambitious’, while Esquire admires how Blick has ‘combined action chops with [Blunt’s] wry sense of humour.’ Heat awarded 5*, proclaiming, ‘Epic is an overused word, but there is no other way to describe writer Hugo Blick’s ambitious six-part western, a moving story of identity, love, loss and revenge’.

We at Flying Colour Co provided VFX for the full 6-part series, with our company also providing on-set supervision services. Our talented artists provided gore enhancement, sky replacement and added appropriate period features while removing modern background elements. The result is a captivating Western landscape full of action-packed drama and reciprocal pathetic fallacy.

This phenomenal, genre-redefining show is out now on BBC2 and Amazon Prime.

The English, November 10th 2022 9pm BBC2 and Amazon Prime