TFCC celebrates the premier of One Day

Exciting news from The Flying Colour Company! Today is the premiere of our newest show, “One
Day,” on Netflix. Following Emma and Dexter after a fateful graduation night, their intertwined lives
unfold over 14 episodes, adapted from David Nicholls’ beloved novel.

Here’s what critics are saying about the show:

“Fans of the novel should rejoice in this series, adapted by Nicole Taylor, writer of Three Girls. It’s the
most binge-worthy Netflix offering since Emily in Paris – shallow yet satisfying. Some episodes barely
reach 20 minutes, making it easily digestible.”

Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“It strikes the perfect balance between cheesy and irresistibly charming. I found myself immersed in
the romance, rooting for Em and Dex (the series feels so intimate, you’ll feel like you’re sharing their
nicknames). By the end, I was emotionally invested.”

Emily Baker, The i

Get ready to cheer for Em and Dex as their story unfolds – the show feels so personal, you’ll think
you’re part of it. By the end, you might even feel a bit emotional…