Hiring – 3D System Support TD


The Flying Colour Company is a visual effects studio based in the heart of Soho. We are an independent company and have established ourselves as one of the leading providers for VFX in London. We specialise in high-end Visual effects for scripted drama and also feature films.

We are looking to recruit a Skill Set 3D System Support TD to join the company. Some of the skills we are looking for include:


  • Houdini installation, optimisation and integration with Maya and other 3D Applications
  • Python coding to write pipeline tools for Houdini and Maya & Nuke
  • Maya installation optimisation and integration
  • Good Experience with Maya and Nuke APIs
  • Pipeline assistance to the 3D Team
  • Day to day support of the 3D Team, your duties include troubleshooting and diagnosing computer hardware and software issues as well as setting up computers and assisting employees with technical-related problems
  • Knowledge of Alembic and USD
  • Setting up user and application environments in Windows
  • Licensing of applications 3D applications both cloud and on prem servers etc
  • Administration of Adobe Creative Cloud and installation and integration of Adobe Apps on Windows
  • Experience in administration of Arnold, Redshift and Deadline rendering
  • Some Nuke experience would be good
  • Highly motivated, creative, hard-working and have an excellent work ethic
  • Able to excel as a collaborative team member and support and assist the team

If you believe you have the correct credentials, motivation and are genuinely enthused by this advertisement, please send your CV with application letter to:

Closing date for applications is the 9th of December 2022.