‘Happy’ Valley? Questionable. Happy viewers? Undeniable.

On Sunday, the ironically named Happy Valley reached its 9-year-awaited climax to a viewing audience of 11 million and 5 star reviews across the board.

We were delighted to be brought in to work our magic on this much-missed series in its long-awaited final instalment.

The highly-praised Sarah Lancashire as Catherine Cawood in Happy Valley

Contrary to its unassuming moniker, Happy Valley required a lot of gore enhancement, a fact that will come as no surprise to its avid fans! We particularly intervened in a fight sequence, wherein we enhanced some blood and introduced a CG knife, keeping up with the fast pace of the scene which takes place in a car and continues on the Moors.

Happy Valley fans are no stranger to violence!

We also worked with fire, augmenting and enhancing flames and smoke, as well as enhancing the picturesque and much beloved West Yorkshire setting by eliminating debris, distractions and camera crews. Our VFX supervisors helped out on set, heading up to the sunny (!) North to provide their knowledge and expertise. The result is a resoundingly gripping final series that stays true to the genre while maintaining the fresh and captivating atmosphere fans have come to love.