Flame and The Missing: TFCC in Broadcast

The Flying Colour Company featured twice in this week’s Broadcast magazine (dated 14 October 2016), for both its new Flame suite and its work on The Missing 2 (pictured, above).

Both articles appeared in the Technology and Facilities section.

Visual effects firm The Flying Colour Company (TFCC) has installed an additional Autodesk Flame suite in its Carnaby Street facility.

Running on an HP Z840 workstation, the system was bought from XTFX and will be used initially by freelance artists. The company is currently recruiting for a permanent operator. TFCC has also installed a data storage server, purchased from ERA, that increases its in-house storage by 360 terabytes.

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The Missing 2

Complete visual effects and post-production on the new series of the missing persons drama

VFX/post The Flying Colour Company/Halo

Client New Pictures

Brief Complete visual effects and post-production on a new 8×60-minute missing persons investigation drama.

How it was done The Flying Colour Company provided on-set supervision for key VFX shots and followed the work through in post-production.

The circa 300 shots comprised both invisible fixes – such as levelling out falling and fallen snow – and more complex VFX sequences including the creation of a gatehouse entrance to a military base and various stunt scenes.

This story can be read in its entirety here: