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Extraordinary S2

Our team provided VFX for the entire series, as well as on-set supervision. It was a fun adventure, letting our creative team run wild to bring each character’s special power to life. From gigantic pasta to a drunk witch and Jizzlord’s cat transformations, to making Gavin invisible and creating electric mind reading sparks, our team are our very own extraordinary super heroes!

We had a lot of fun working on this show and telling stories in exciting ways. Big shoutout to our amazing team for their hard work and great ideas! 

This Town

The Flying Colour Company poured our skills into every part of this series, from supervising on set to creating stunning visual effects.

We brought the vibe of 1980s-1990s Birmingham to life, restoring history and capturing the vibe of the Ska music era. We meticulously created digital matte painting of Holyhead Port, enhancing the scene with shipping containers, cranes, and an island. Another fully CG scene is the scene with the bridge setting with authentic period details like the highway, cars that were at that time, and the environment.

Our 3D team crafted breathtaking scenes, like the epic Molotov cocktail moment. Plus, we integrated fight scenes in the background and dynamic fire effects.

Alex Rider S3

We showcased our VFX magic in every frame. TFCC’s work included from capturing the beauty of Maltese landscapes to executing explosive action scenes. Our team crafted an X-ray gadget interface, crackling lasers, and explosive muzzle flashes. Whether in intense fight sequences or the top of a cathedral with an epic transmitter, our VFX enhanced every moment with realism, including blood, bullet wounds, smoke, and lasers.