Blunt Dual Wields Her Talents: Emily Blunt’s Exciting Journey into Television

In a recent interview with “Screen Daily,” Emily Blunt shared her thoughts on her dual roles in “The English” as the leading star and executive producer. Blunt expressed her admiration for the gripping script written by Hugo Blick, describing it as “Poetry.” After reading just two pages, she eagerly signed on to the western-focused project.

Blunt also revealed her joy in the post-production process, including editing, music, and colour timing. She actively participated in the editing phase, exchanging notes with Blick. Despite her focus on acting, Blunt embraced her producer role during the editing stage.

“When I’m acting, I tend to not feel like a producer presence. But I was very active in the edit. Hugo would send me cuts; we would talk and exchange notes.”

It is worth mentioning that The Flying Colour Company provided full-scale visual effects for “The English.” Our expertise in VFX work added depth and realism to the series, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Our talented artists provided gore enhancement, sky replacement and added appropriate period features while removing modern background elements. The result is a captivating Western landscape full of action-packed drama and reciprocal pathetic fallacy.

Blunt’s interview highlights her dedication and passion for storytelling. She seamlessly balances her acting and producing responsibilities while actively contributing to the editing process. It is worth seeing “The English” again if you haven’t done so and look for Blunt’s exceptional performance and the remarkable visual effects created by The Flying Colour Company.