A Very English Scandal wins Rose d’Or Award

Blueprint Television’s A Very English Scandal, which The Flying Colour Company (TFCC) provided VFX shots for, has won this year’s Rose d’Or Award for Best Limited Series and TV Movie.

The BBC and Amazon three-part drama, based on real events and written by Russell T. Davies, tells the story of Jeremy Thorpe, a member of Parliament who, in 1979, was tried and later acquitted of conspiring to murder his ex-lover, Norman Scott.

TFCC completed all the VFX work for the series. This comprised a total of 212 shots across all the episodes. The shots included 2D composited badgers, scenery enhancement, the removal of modern elements and enhancement of scenery, beauty work, television inserts and environment and green-screen work.

Producer Dan Winch, in a celebratory email to the production team, described the award as “the first accolade in recognition of your brilliant and hard work” adding that it was “very much deserved.”

The 57th Rose d’Or Awards, organised by the European Broadcasting Union, took place in Berlin on 13 September 2018.