Mary Quant – RIP to a Fashion Legend !

We at the Flying Colour Company want to extend our condolences to the British Fashion Icon Mary Quant.

Touted as one of the individuals who invented the sixties and paved the way for the progressive and colourful attitudes of the time. 

Beginning life in Blackheath, 1930 and growing up with welsh parents, she studied illustration at Goldsmith College and went on to become the apprentice of already established head wear designers. 

Known for her bold and unique pieces she developed her first boutique in Kings Road, originally selling clothing from 3rd parties.

Mary taught herself to design clothes and her innovative style quickly made its way into retailers and into the cultural zeitgeist.

Helmed as the creator of the miniskirt, which she named after her favourite vehicle, the mini. She revolutionised fashion for the youth of the 60s by making exciting, mass produced and accessible clothing which quickly made its way into the mainstream and modelled by Icons such as Twiggy, who aided her international recognition.

The fashion revolutionary, holds a special place in our hearts here at Carnaby Street, as one of her retailers “Mary Quant Colour Shop” once resided directly opposite our building. These boutiques were groundbreaking in their own right as they offered a unique experience for the time, being open late, boasting music, drinks and eccentric displays which appealed to young adults.

In the modern day the shop has evolved into an equally eccentric accessories shop “Swatch”.

Here’s to an amazingly talented Woman and fashion entrepreneur that inspired many after her!